Saturday, July 28, 2012

Login Bonus

I wanted to wait until I got seven days  to write this post about the daily log in bonus. For me, the daily bonus resets every day at 5:00 pm Central Time (in the US). This login bonus thing gives quite good rewards. It gives over 100 resources, or 60 rubies, or I think around 150 coins (do not trust me on these numbers, especially the coins one). I waited this long to see what would happen if you went over seven days. Now that I know, I'll tell you. After the seventh consecutive login day, I'm pretty sure it restarts and gives you exactly what you got the first day that you logged on. Maybe it gives you more the second time you get it, but I don't think so. Above the reward icon, it says "You receive a gift from your citizens every day!" That sounds extremely suspicious. I mean, my citizens were hoarding hundreds of resources, coins, and rubies without me being able to use them until they give it to me?! Since when did they get so much power?! Behead them (or put them in cages, which this game apparently favors, because at least two decorations are cages and the Guardhouse is a cage)!

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